Luna Medallion, Bronze

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Roman Luna Medallion, Bronze

The medallion of the moon goddess Luna is based on a very well preserved original piece (see pictures). The original plaque has no contemporary holes, rivets or suspensions, which does not allow any statements about the former use of the piece. It may also be a semi-finished product. A comparative finding of a Luna medallion of gold with an eyelet and a decorative border was auctioned at the auction house Christies for $ 20,000 in 2008.
In our reconstruction, we therefore equiped the Luna medallion pendant with a beaded ornament and a chain eye. The Luna medallion is very detailed and a real jewel for friends of ancient culture and mysterious symbols. The diameter of the Luna medallion pendant is about 36 mm without the eyelet. The delivery includes a jewelry box and a certificate.

Roman Luna Medallion, Bronze - The Goddess of the Moon

The great importance of the moon goddess is already apparent from the fact that a day of the week was named after her - Monday (or in Italian lunedi or in French lundi). The Greeks called her Selene, the luminous. Their brothers and sisters are, according to legend, the sun god Sol (Greek Helios) and the goddess Aurora (Greek Eos).
Luna had a temple on the Aventine and as Luna Noctiluca ("Illuminator of the Night") a sanctuary on the Palatine Hill in Rome. Her symbol was the crescent moon, from which numerous amulets and pendants have been preserved from ancient time, which bear witness to the great worship of the moon goddess. While the high gods of Olympus directed the destinies of men and whole states, the moon goddess seems to be rooted in popular belief. The belief in sorcery and magic was of great importance among the ordinary people, as numerous archaeological finds and votings in cult places prove. The course of the moon at night, the alteration of its appearance, and the recurring cycle form a strong connection to the female menstrual cycle, which is why Luna was above all the protector of women and children. But as an "illuminator of the night," she was also the guardian god of hikers and travelers.

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