Pendant in Trumpet Style, Bronze

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At the middle of the 2nd century, the age of the antoninian mperors, in Britain appears a new art style. Based on celtic roots, the elements remember about trumpets or horn shaped brass instruments. This trumpet-style became very popular, spreading with the britain troops all over the Roman Empire.
Our reproduction is based on an ornamental pendant, found at the Limes fort Zugmantel / Germany. It dates to the late 2nd century and is part of the collection of the Saalburg Museum. It is published bei Jürgen Oldenstein as cat. no. 922.  Handcrafted from real bronze, delivery with leather thong and certificate. Size 40x 20 mm. Picture 2 shows the original.

Jürgen Oldenstein, "Zur Ausrüstung Römischer Auxiliareinheiten", In: Bericht der Römisch-Germanischen Kommisssion, Band 57/1976, Mainz 1977, S. 49-336


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