Enameled Military Buckle, Silver

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At the late 1st century, the roman military belt fashion changes drastically. Soon after the beginning of the 2nd century, the large embossed belt-plates completely disappeared. Small belts emerge with only a few plates, decorated with coloured enamel inlays. This fashion also changes the appearance of the brooches (fibulae). There are no complete sets of belt fittings of this age found, but it is supposed that the buckles were accompanied by 3 to 5 belt plates.
The enameledplate bases on a find from Regensburg / Germany, the D-shaped bow on a find from Kaiseraugst / Switzerland. At the original are still remains of blue enamel visible, so we choosed this colour also for our reconstruction.

Our buckleis handcrafted from massive 925 silverwith coloured enameled inlays in blue and black, rivet pins are fittet on the backside. Supplied with instructions, suitable for a belt width of 20 - 30mm. Length 82mm.
Special requests for different colours can be considered.

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