Pugio Frogs, Bronze

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Pair of roman pugio frogs, hinged to belt-plates. Based on an original find from Vindonissa / Switzerland (cat. no. 1109) . The large number of belt fittings of Vindonissa proofs, that more than 30% of the belt-plates were of a simple appearance without any major decorations.
Attached to the backside of the plate are small mushroom-shaped buttons, so it is very easy to fit the plates on the leather belt without any tools. It is only necessary to punch a hole, make a small cut and press the button through the leather, maybe with support of an screwdriver. This is not authentic, but it is an easy way for a quick progress without rivets and it is not visible from the frontside. The buckle is handcrafted from real bronze (also available in brass), suitable for leather widths of 30mm upwards.

Chr. Unz & E. Deschler-Erb, Katalog der Militaria von Vindonissa, Brugg 1997


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