Pugio Frogs Rheingönheim, Bronze

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Roman pugio frogs, Cingulum Rheingönheim

Pair of roman cingulum or balteus dagger frogs, hinged to belt-plates, inspired by original finds from Rheingönheim. There were no pugio frogs found at the original set, so we created them freely according to similiar finds. The parts are casted, grinded, polished by hand and decorated with red coral inlays. Rivets for assemblng are included price for 1 pair.

Roman Military Belt - The fort of Rheingönheim

On the area of a larger predecessors camp, probably an only temorarily occupied legion's fort, an auxiliary fort was errected during the reign of emperor Claudius at about 43 AD. On a bump near the Rhine, the complex was surrounded by ditches and fortified by walls made from wood and earth. Also the surrounding camp village and a burial ground could be detected by excavations and aerial photographs.
Unfortunately, the first excavations in late 19th and early 20th century were poorly documented. The early finds include a human skeleton with sword (gladius), military belt (cingulum) and a coin of Augustus. This was allegedly recovered not on the burial site, but within the fort. Another skeleton came from the ditches of the fort and could be dated by a coin of Nero. The dead of the man is maybe connected with a destruction of the fort after an uprising of the crew after the death of Emperor Nero 68 AD or the Batavian revolt in 69 AD.  After a short period of reconstruction, the military fort was finally abandoned in 74 AD, while the civilian settlement continued to exist until the 4th century AD.

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