Aucissa-Brooch, Silber

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The typical Aucissa Brooches weresuccessors of late celtic brooches and became increasingly popular for an extraordinary long period of time. This type of brooch is named after the engravedname "Aucissa", which appears on single finds. It is most probably the name of a producer or a workshop.
This hinged brooch with it´s high archedbow was in use since the early Roman Empire and popularin many variantsuntil the end of the 1st century. The aucissa brooches appear mostly in military context and aretypical soldier´s brooches.
Our Aucissa Fibula bases on a original of a private collection. Our handcrafted reproduction is made from 925 silverbronze and fully operative with a flexible pin of iron. A special production with an authenticforged silverpin is also possible by extra charge, but our standard variant with ironpin is much more usable. Compared with our other Aucissa-Brooches, this is the largest and most massive and decorated variant with separately handcrafted knobs at the hinge axle.Size 50 x 30mm.

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