Large Roman knee fibula, bronze

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Roman Knee Brooch with decorated head plate, high pin support and spring cord hook. This type of fibula first appears in the hadrianic / antoninic period mid of the 2nd century. They were the most numerous type of brooches of their age, both in the provinces Germania / Raetia and in the Noric-Pannonian territory. They are frequently found at military sites, probably they were a kind of soldier´s brooches. The fibulae were in use for a long period and they became also popular with the Germanic peoples. One example is the roman Knee Brooch of the small alamanic grave field of Gerlachsheim, Germany, where ist was deposited as a burial gift for a wealthy woman in the 2nd half of the 4th century AD.
Our copy bases on an original find of a private collection, handcrafted from real bronze with authentic, operative spring construction. Length 45mm.

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