Roman Horse Brooch, Bronze

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Roman horse brooch with enamel inlays

This beautiful Roman horse fibula was inspired by a find from the 2nd century from Heddesheim in Baden-Württemberg. Like the ancient original, it has got colored inlays made of red and blue glass (enamel). A pin made from iron on the backside makes the fibula fully functional as an authentic garment pin, but can of course also be worn like a modern brooch. The horse brooch will be delivered in a gift box.

Roman horse brooch with enamel inlays

During the archaeological investigation of a planned new development area in Heddesheim (Germany), the remains of a rural settlement could be documented. The remains included posts and trenches as well as rubbish pits and well. Fragments of pottery date the ensemble to the Roman Empire between the late 1st and early 3rd century. The few finds made of metal include this well-preserved horse brooch with circular eye decorations and enamel inlays.

Animal brooches with colored enamel inlays were very popular in the 2nd century and widespread in the Roman provinces.

Archäologische Ausgrabungen in Baden-Württemberg, 2013, S. 187ff.
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