Two Lar Statuettes, Bronze

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The Lares were very important in the roman cult. They were protective deities, worshiped in several ways, they were guardians for streets, fields, houses, cities or even whole countries. Most important were the domestic Lares, who observed and protected the house and the occupants. With a spiritual connection to the ancestors of the housefather they were mostly worshiped in small temples or shrines. The so-called Lararia could be simply painted on the walls (pic. 2, Pompei), but the roman upper class preferred real shrines or niches with statues from bronze or clay (pic. 3 &  4). The Lares were commonly accompanied by gods and goddesses with a special traditional relationship to the housefather and his family.
The Lar must be pleased by sacred offerings, then he would protect the house and fulfil the wishes of his family.
Our little figures hold a offer-plate (Patera) and a cornucopia in their hands, ready to distribute luck and wealth. The figures are copies of an ancient, 2000 year old statue, handcrafted from real bronze. Supplied with certificate, height 70mm. Available with a flat or profiled bases. Picture 5 shows the original find.

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TEXT_OF_5_STARSAuthor: David am 04.06.2019


It would seem that altar-sized cult statues are very difficult to find. I wanted to assemble a Roman Lararium, but only large sized reproductions of Roman god statuary were available...too large to be in scale with a typical home altar; plus many were modern sculptings that lacked the finesse of original artifacts. Finding Markus\' work solved the problem. The Lares (and his other figures of the Roman gods) are exquisite reproductions or re-imaginings of actual museum pieces. Beautifully detailed and crafted in heavy, solid bronze, they are identical with original figures in Roman household shrines. My only problem now is, having seen the level of craftsmanship in the Lares I purchased, I realized I will have to have the entire pantheon!

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