Double sided Spatula, Brass

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Double sided roman spatula probe, a medical instrument after a find from Augusta Raurica, Switzerland. One side is a surgical probe, the other a spatula, used to probe wounds and mix ointments. Medical instruments could also be used for cosmetic purposes to handle make-up. Comparative finds are found everywhere in the Roman world. Length 140 mm.


Medical instruments in the age of the Romans

Looking at the remains of the people from the past, the possibility is offered us to reconstruct the ancient world of illnesses and their treatment.  Bone deformations, wounds and abscesses, infections and other illnesses where so exceptionally frequent, that the impression arises people were delivered to the illnesses of earlier time helplessly. Examinations of roman latrines show a high number of  worms and other parasites.  From today's view, the high infant mortality is shocking,  particularly since neither vaccinations nor antibiotics in the modern definition were known. The childbed was connected to great dangers for young women, the average age of death was substantially lower than the one of men.

Some archeological results nevertheless discover also a highly developed medicine and even surgery. Trepanations, operations at the open skull, can be proved since the Stone Age and the patient had survived in many cases.
The Greek culture developed a basic medical science which reached her highlight during the age of the Roman Empire. The roman army had a good supply with doctors and even hospitals.
Not only in Rhyme, Ephesos, Luzzi or Bingen at the river Rhine, special tools, instruments and equipment were found as burial gifts for doctors.
However, this does not prevent to let the people beg for the support of the gods in case of a serious desease or physical handicaps. In many temples a lot of offerings for health and healing were found, and healers and magicians tried to provide the suffering people with alleviation by miracle herbs and hey presto.

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