Scabbard Slide, Bronze

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This scabbard slide bases on an original find from the Limes watch tower 4/48 in Germania Superior, Type Carnap Bornheim IIIC1. Late 2nd, early 3rd century AD. The original is fragmented, the lower part is reconstructed after comparism with similiar finds. The slide is fastened to the scabbard with two massive rivet pins.
Length ca. mm, max. width mm.

Carnap-Bornheim, C., 1991. Die Schwertriemenbügel aus dem Vimose (Fünen). Zur Typologie der Schwertriemenbügel der römischen Kaiserzeit im Barbarikum und in den römischen Provinzen. Kl. Schr. Vorgesch. Sem. Marburg 38. Marburg. Philips-Universität Marburg.

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