Ring Dextrarum Iunctio, Silver

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This kind of ring with an image of clasped hands is called dextrarum iunctio, the "joined rights". Original finds drived from the age of the Roman Empire, but also of the early and late Middle Ages. The meaning is the same, the ring symbolizes loyalty and closeness.
In the roman era, the clasp of the right hands was used to conclude a marriage, in the same way like the modern "yes" in front of the altar. This moment is often depicted on roman monuments or sarcophagi (see pictures).
In the Middle Ages, the term "Handtruwe" emerges, translated hand-faith. It means an object, which symbolizes the love and the unity of two humans, maybe a ring or a brooch. The Handtruwe can be used for engagements, between husband and wife or even between parents and children.
Handcrafted from high quality 925 silver, supplied with certificate.

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TEXT_OF_5_STARSAuthor: Joerie am 05.12.2016


We bought two of these beautiful rings to celebrate our engagement. I got one for my fiance to propose to her, and then she got me one back. They are well-made, and lovely objects. When I had ordered a not-fitting ring-size, Replik was kind enough to send me a new one that fits like a charm! Excellent service.

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