Ring with Pentagram, Bronze

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The pentagram is an ancient symbol, comprising five triangles drawn in five straight strokes. It first appears in the 4th millenium BC in Mesopotamian. In ancient Greek, the Pythagoreans saw it as a peferct mathematic symbol, beeing consecrated to the goddess of health, Hygieia. It was also called "Pentalpha", meaning "Five Alphas". The letter alpha was the first letter of the greek alphabeth, symbolizing the beginning of all things.
During the roman empire, it was used as a symbol for the goddess Venus and the planet which was called after her. The pentagram was also used as a sign for a human with head, 2 hands and 2 feet, in the same way like Leonardo da Vinci depicted the man in his famous Proportional Study based on Vitruvius. The christians wear the pentagram as a symbol of the five wounds of Jesus.
In the early middle ages, the pentagram was used as a magical symbol, the witches are said to have feet in this shape. Also the masonic lodges use the sign and it can be found at the national flags of Morocco and Ethiopia. Generally it was used as a protective symbol against evil magic.


Rings like ours remained preserved in many examples. The dating is very difficult, in some sources they were called as roman, in other as medieval. The shape of this ring has it´s parallels to roman seal rings. Handcrafted from real Bronze, supplied with certificate.



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