Seal Ring with Spider, Silver

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Roman seal rings with insect images were popular, a large number of such rings was found at the roman cities of Pompei and Herculaneum. The golden specimens are on display at the National Museum of Naples. Especially spiders were admired for their skilfully woven nets. Weaving of cloths, farbricsor carpets and the production of threads (the "spinning") was a typical women´s task in ancient times, practised in nearly every household. Ovid tells usthe story of a greek woman named Arachne, who was able to handcraft stunning woven farbics, even exceeding the skills ofAthena. The goddess became very angry and turned her into a spider. Today, the animal class of the spiders is still called the "Arachnids".

The original of that ring was placed to our disposal by a privatecollector. The spider image is engraved and can be used to seal. Handcrafted from 925 silver.

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