Signet Ring Minerva, Bronze

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Minerva is the roman goddess of wisdom, depicted with helmet, shield and spear. In ancient greek she was worshiped as Athena. Minerva is the guardian of the artisans and the handcrafts. She protects teachers and medical practitioners, but also certain heros and whole citities.
In Rome she was worshiped beside Jupiter and Juno as one of the three city- gods, the romans attributed much influence on the state´s fate to her. Minerva is accompanied by an owl, beeing the bird of wisdom since theese days.
The original, dated between the 1st and the 3rd century,  was placed to our disposal by a private collector. The reconstruction is  handcrafted from real bronze.

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TEXT_OF_5_STARSAuthor: Martina am 18.06.2014


This seal Minerva ring is really beautiful and well done!! The figure of the goddess really reminds to ancient ring seals!! What can I say? MAGNIFICENT RING!

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