Roman Necklace, Brass / blue glass

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When the germanic tribes startet their raids across the border of the Limes in the 3rd century AD, many farms, country estates and villages were plundered and destructed. Sometimes in the wells of these settlements beheaded and scalped skulls give a proof of the cruelty of the germanic warriors, but also for the courage and endurance of the inhabitants. Treasures were burried to save the values from plunder, but in many cases never anyone came to get them back.

In 1741 a treasure find was made in the villa rustica of Obfelden-Lunnern/Switzerland with many objects from gold. Many of the finds are missing today, but a necklace still survived. The original, probably handcrafted in a gallic or even germanic workshop, consists of openwork segments from gold, connected by coiled wire with blue glass beads.
Our handcrafted reconstruction is made from polished brass segments with reconstructed, blue glass beads. The diameter of one segment is 15mm, the complete length of the necklace is 60cm, but special requests can be considered. Picture 2 shows a custom necklace with green glass beads and earrings no. 454002. A custom made of solid gold is also possible.

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