Roman Tripod, Brass

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Roman folding table, Tripus

Roman tripod (Tripus) with figural decorations. Due to the variable width of the stand, the table can carry any plates or bowls etween 20 and 60 cm in diameter. The table has a height of about 65cm, other heights are possible on request. The delivery is made with a simple brass plate. Depending on availability, the shape and size may vary from the pictured plate!
The basis of the reconstruction was an original find of a table base with lions head (see picture). The stand was reconstructed in its proportions according to similiar finds. The figurative busts at the top end are copies of a find from the Saalburg Museum, and were designed to match the size of the roman folding table. The Bacchus or Maenad figures carry hooks on the back, in which ring eyelets of water or fire basins can be hung. This makes the Roman folding table versatile for various purposes.

Handcrafted in solid brass, delivery without the depicted decorative items.


Roman folding table, Tripus

Folding tables or Tripods were racks on which plates, bowls, plates or tablets were placed. They were widespread both for cultic or religious purposes as well as in the dining rooms (triclinium) of the Roman upper class.
Even in the burials of the Germanic chieftains, these sumptuous pieces of furniture were to be found, either as gifts, as merchandise, or as booty, into free Germania. For example, the folding table from the tomb of  the germanic warrior of Gommern carries a wood panel of Germanic manufacture, decorated with brass fittings.

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TEXT_OF_5_STARSAuthor: Jurjen am 05.12.2016


Ein der Besten replikate eine Tripus. Wir habe einer seit einige Jahre und der ist immer ein der schonsten Stucke der \'Zimmer\'.

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