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Papyrus - Set of Writing Utensils

Writing set with a big sheet of papyrus in the dimensions 20 x 60 cm, a writing-ready ink pen from reed (Calamus) as well as as some ink.  Each papyrus sheet is handmade in traditional techniques. It can be used for writing with ink, acryl or other colours and with some reductions even be used by most modern ink printers. Papyrus is suitable for outstanding documents and certificates and also for decorative purposes.

Papyrus in antiquity

Papyrus was a high-quality writing material in the antiquity, because it was produced in a costly procedure of the stalks of the papyrus plant. Because this plant was predominantly cultured in Egypt, the papyrus was used as an expensive and high-quality luxury writing material mostly for important and valuable documents and "books".
Close to Herculaneum, the excavated  "Villa dei Papiri" was named after a library from papyrus scrolls which was buried with the outbreak of the Vesuv vulcano. The collection encloses about in 1800 papyrus scrolls mainly in Greek language.
 A copy of the "Villa dei Papiri" is the impressive Getty villa with an archaeological collection close to the city of Los Angeles.

Picture 3: Carbonized papyrus scroll from Herculaneum
Picture 4: Copy of the villa dei Papiri close to Los Angeles (Getty Villa)


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