Seal Wax, Red

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Seal Wax, Red

Bar of red seal wax for use with our seals and seal rings. The seal wax has a strong covering power and contour sharpness and has a wick for easy use. Depending on the size of the seal, a corresponding surface is dripped with the hot wax and the seal simply pushed in. After a short waiting time of a few seconds, in which the heat is removed from the wax by the metal of the sealing punch, the seal can be removed.
The seal wax is suitable for use in personal letters, but is also used with certificates, labels or gift wraps. Of course, an antique use is also possible for sealing papyrus rolls or wax tablets. The individual design a seal evaluates every document!
Seal wax red, length of the rod approx. 10 cm.


Seals in Antiquity

Seals have different objectives. On the one hand, a seal provides protection against the opening of an important document. At least, a seal can be used to determine whether someone could illegally read the content. In ancient Rome important records, documents and contracts were correspondingly sealed, the seals themselves being protected in small metal capsules. The seal secured a lacing of the document which prevented unauthorized access to the content. On the other hand, seals were usually individually assigned to a specific person or public office so that a seal could also be used as a signature. They thus characterize the sender of a letter and are also proof of the authenticity of the document.
In the Middle Ages, seals were mainly spread in the nobility and clergy, with red seal wax being reserved for the nobility and the emperor. Depending on the time and the region, the colors used were regulated for specific institutions (such as monastries or free cities) and social strata.

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