Set of Roman Writing Utensils

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Roman wax tablets - Set of roman writing utensils

Complete Roman writing set, consisting of a double Roman wax tablet (Diptychon) of high-quality beechwood, a handmade writing stylus after an ancient find from Hüfingen and a seal capsule with inlays from coloured enamel. Find out how the old Romans wrote! With our writing set you can produce authentic, sealed documents by yourself!

The wax tablets have a size of 14 x 9 cm each. They will be delivered in a canvas bag with short instructions to the Roman italic writing.

Roman wax tablet - Use in the ancient world

In wax tablets the letters were scratched in the beeswax with a sharp writing utensil, the Stilus. With the flat side of the stylus the wax could be smoothed again and the written could be "erased out". Wax tablets were used in the roman schools for education in reading and writing. Also as letters or contracts wax tablets could be used. For important content or business contracts the wax tablet could be knotted with strings and be sealed. Many finds of original tablets are preserved until today.  In some cases, when the inscription was deply scratched up to the wood, the texts are still readable. A special kind of writing, the roman cursive, was usually applied.

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