Viking Belt Set Gokstad, Silver

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In 1890, two teenager discovered a grave of the viking period underneath a mound near the farm of Gokstad in Sandar, Norway. The archeological examination unvealed a ship burial with other remarkable finds such as a sleigh, tents, horse equipment and even three smaller boats. All valuable finds and weapons seem to be removed in ancient time. The excavators dicovered the human remains of a 50 -70 years old men, maybe the king Olaf Geirstad-Alf.

Among the other finds, somebelt partswere discovered, comprising a buckle, a strap end and a strap fastener. Our reproduction is handmade after these finds, also the asymmetry of the buckle was copied to preserve the original character of the viking age work. Made of massive 925 silver!Size of the buckle 50 x 40mm, strap end 67 x 37mm, strap fastener 45x 20 mm. Suitable for a belt width of 38 to 40 mm.

Nicolaysen, N., The Viking-Ship Discovered at Gokstad in Norway/Langskibet fra Gokstad ved Sandefjord, Christiania (1882)

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