Viking Buckle Set Gotland 1, Bronze

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With an area of nearly 3000 square-kilometers, Gotland is the second largest island in the Baltic Sea. The location at the trading routes between Scandinavia at the one hand and Russia and Byzantium at the other hand caused an increasing wealth for the inhabitants, proofed by over 700 treasure finds. On economic aspects, Gotland was really not isolated, but the inhabitants developed their own dress accessoires with major differences to the other viking cultures in Scandinavia.
South of the old city of Visby, archeologists discovered the burial field "Kopparsvik" with about 400 graves of the 9th and 10th century.

Buckle and strap end are modelled after finds from this burial field  GF C 12675, Grave no. 11, by Markus Neidhardt and Thoke Fischer. The buckle with intergral rivets has got a bronze sheet metal backing like the original. Size of the buckle 92mm x 40mm, suitable for leather belts of 30mm width (sold separately). Length of the strap end 80mm, width 22mm.

L. Thunmark-Nylén, Die Wikingerzeit Gotlands 1, Die Grabfunde (Stockholm 1995)

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