Gotland Box Brooch, Bronze

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At the swedish island of Gotland, about 850 specimen of so-called box brooches from the viking age were found. They were a precious part of the women´s dress and used to close a heavy cloak in height of the collarbone. Sometimes the box brooches were used to deposit objects like coins, wool, organic substances or parts of fabric for unknown purposes. Our replica is a box brooch of tpe 7, which comprise about 50 finds of extraordinary quality. The box brooch is made in 2 parts (body and bottom), while the bottom is highly decorated in animal style (Jellinge / runestone style, model by Thoke Fischer). The gotland box brooch is made by hand from solid bronze, with a modest patina to accentuate the decorations. The pin is also decorated and hardened to assure the full function like it was at the viking age.
The diameter is approx. 60 mm, the height 50 mm, weight approx. 200 g.

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