Oval- or Tortoise Brooch, Silver

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Something every viking warrior should give his wife as a present after a successful raid...

The large oval-,  tortoise- or turtle brooches were part of the women´s dress of the viking age. They were used to fasten an often rich decorated and coloured apron (or even a closed dress with shoulder straps) below the shoulders (pic. 2). New archaeological finds in Pskov (Russia) give new insights to the viking women´s dress. 

A large number of original finds of tortoise brooches were made in the entire skandinavian world, some special designs were used in Finland and at the island of Gotland. Imported brooches were found everywhere the vikings setteled, even in England, Ireland, Russia and the Normandy. Scholars recognize regional differences and temporary developments, but the original finds also proof the social status of their former female owners. Simple and cheap turtle brooches from tin were also found as well as valuable and awesome decorated specimens from bronze and gilded silver.

Our oval brooch was handcrafted with a detailed surface and decorated in the scandinavian Borre style of the 9th century. A strong pin is attached to the backside, size ca. 9,7 cm. Handcrafted from massive high quality 925 silver, delivered in gift box. Price for a single brooch.

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