Quatrefoil Brooch Galloway, Silver

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Quatrefoil Brooch Galloway

Anglo-Saxon fibula (brooch) from the Viking Age based on a find from the Galloway hoard. The front side of the fibula is made of solid 925 silver with black enamel inserts, the base plate and the pin construction are made of bronze, like the original. The brooch is extremely elaborately composed of 9 individual parts. The original belongs to a rare type of quatrefoil brooch. The finds from the Galloway hoard are without parallels so far. The figures show the humor of their time: Two hornblowers are playing their instruments while the listeners' ears ring. The size of the fibula is around 55 x 55 mm.

The extraordinary brooch is made especially for you and delivered with a certificate in a gift box.


The Galloway Treasure Find

While searching for archaeological artifacts with a metal detector, Derek McLennan came across a silver bracelet in a field in southwest Scotland. He immediately informed the authorities, whereby the entire complex was dug up and documented properly.
In a gilded silver vessel, probably an import from the Carolingian Empire, numerous brooches and other pieces of jewelry were hidden. Most precious pieces had been carefully wrapped in leather and silk fabric. Silver and gold bars, bracelets, pearls and other pieces of jewelry complete this extraordinary hoard. The total of more than 100 objects date to the early 10th century. In addition to the many different artifacts, the variety of origins of the pieces is also unique. Possibly these were Anglo-Saxon possessions of a monastery or a village community that was looted and hidden by Vikings on a raid. The Galloway hoard is considered one of the most important Viking Age treasures.

In 2017 the Galloway Hoard was acquired by the Scottish National Museum after a fundraising campaign. Together with government grants, almost £ 2 million changed hands.

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