Thors Hammer, Silver

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Thor's Hammer Amulet Pendant Sejerby

Thor's hammer amulet, inspired by a find from Serjerby, Denmark. The original dates back to the ninth century AD. 
Remarkable is the simple design of this hammer amulet, which makes it different from richly ornamented and outstanding specimens. Not only for historical representations, but also for everyday use, this antique amulet has an almost modern elegance with a pleasant size. The suspension is made by a sturdy fastening ring, in which the chain or the ribbon can be attached. When using a chain, we recommend an authentic,  splitted chain, which is attached with rings. We will gladly take on the assembly. A leather strap can be attached with a loop simply.

The Thor's hammer measures 24 x 35 mm. The amulet is made from solid 925 sterling silver.

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