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Viking Fire Striker (Fire Steel, Flint Striker)

Viking fire striker with portrayal of Odin and his ravens Huginn and Muninn. The replica is based on an original find from a private collection in England. Similiar finds come from the Baltic Sea region to the Lake Ladoga. The viking fire striker is bifacial, both sides with the design. The openwork handle is made from bronze. The base is decorated with circular patterns, carrying two birds  with detailed eyes and wings. Their heads form an arch over a bearded male figure who extends his hands down to the base. The broad shoulders are emphasized, bracelets at the wrists and a belt are visible clearly. One eye of the figure appears blind. A narrow arc between the heads of the birds forms a loop  for suspension. The fire steel itself is made from hardened high carbon steel and is connected with rivet pins to the bronze handle.
The figures represent the Norse god Óðinn (Odin), who is accompanied by his two ravens Hugin and Munin ( "thought" and "memory").  Odin therefore is also called rafnáss, "Raven God". Size 60 mm. Supplied with a simple piece of flint.

 Literatur: Hammond, B. British Artefacts vol.2 - Middle Saxon & Viking, Witham, 2010 item 1.16-f.



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