Viking Folding Scales, Bronze

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The trade and and the turnover of goods was very important for major settlements of the viking age. Many finds of scales and weights were also made in the burial fields. They were used to weigh precious metal and coins.
Our reproduction has been made after a find from Gotland (SHM7571:533), completed with an attachment from another find of the same type (SHM12960). The distributor with 4 bronze chains is a copy of a find from Visby/Gotland (SHM 6104), which dates to the early 11th century. While in former times the scale pans were attached with cords of organic material, during the 11th century the use of bronze chains with 3 or 4 attachment points became popular.

On special request the scale can be delivered as an unfitted kit or it could be individualized with a 3-point-attachment. Made in real bronze.

Lena Thunmark-Nylén, Die Wikingerzeit Gotlands, Band I bis IV

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