Splendid Belt Buckle Thorsberg, Bronze

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Decorated Germanic Belt Buckle, Thorsberg

The original of this splendid buckle was found at the sacrificial bog of Thorsberg in northern Germany, where an enormous number of objects was donated to the germanic gods. Probably the victorious tribe of the Angles sacrificed the weapons of another defeated germanic army to repay the divine support.
The buckle belongs to the group of omega-shaped buckles. Since the 1st century, omega-buckles were found in the roman provinces (Augsburg, Trier), they became also popular in Germania Magna and were soon produced by germanic craftmen in traditional design.
Klaus Raddatz, who wrote the most important publications of the Thorsberg finds, describes the buckle detailed. Concerning shape and methods of production, it is the most precious set of it´s kind by now. The original was made from silver with gold inlays and was very thin and fragile. It was part of a set of belt mounts, probably for a sword belt. Our reconstruction is a bit more sturdy, making it fully operative for daily use.
The bronze buckle has got inlays from silver, is 60mm long and is suitable for a leather width of 35mm. The delivery is ready to fit  with special rivets and instructions. Leather is sold separately.
The pictures no. 2 and 3 depict the reconstruction of our buckle. The photograph of the original in Raddatz´s book is depicted in scale 3:4, it only appears smaller than our full-size copy.

The last picture is a suggestion for assembling with 2 additional strap ends no. 458001 (sold separetely).

Klaus Raddatz: Der Thorsberger Moorfund. Gürtelteile u. Körperschmuck. Wachholtz Verlag, Neumünster 1957

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