Germanic Snake Ring, Gold 585

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Germanic Snake Ring

Germanic Ring with a snake / serpent or another mythical animal. Such rings were common in the 3rd century in southern scandinavia. Handmade in high quality 585 gold / 14 carat. An awesome piece of history with a special aura of the past!


Germanic Snake Ring

In ancient cultures, espacially in the north european area, precious metals and bronze were used for payments. Sometimes the metal was worn as a wire, wraped around a finger, leg or arm. Gradually this simple rings developed to highly decorated jewellery,  brightend up by animal heads. This typical kind of serpent rings was very popular in southern skandinavia and some specimens were outstanding examples of germanic craftmanship.  The originals could consist of several wires, decorated with up to 8 heads (see pic 2). Typically the rings were found in burials of woman, but some were among the military objects in the germanic sacrifical bog of Thorsberg, Germany.  This is an indication, that they could have been posessions of germanic warriors.

As archeological finds show, the serpent rings were not only popular outside the roman empire. The rings have got a long tradition in the mediterranian area, as the serpent is an ancient  symbol for death and healing - remember the rod Asklepius. Impressive must have been the serpent´s characteristic of shedding their skins, probably interpreted as a sign of renewal, eternal youth or resurrection.

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