Individual Ring with Runes, Gold 375

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Individual Rune Ring - Our Custom Work

Once we have received a number of requests concerning Rune rings with individual inscriptions, we now officially offer the service of a unique piece of jewellery.You give us the inscription, and we produce the Rune ring to your individual specifications! The characters could be Runes of the older Futhark or the Viking Age Futhark, but also modern or fantasy inscriptions are possible. The runes are ingraved deeply into the wax model before the casting process, so the insctiption of the Rune Ring is not a flat industrial engraving!
The Rune Ring is handcrafted from solid 375 (9kt) Gold.
The inside of the Rune Ring is slightly curved for maximum comfort.  The ring rail is very solid worked with a width of about 8 mm and offers sufficient space for legible inscriptions. For example, on a Rune Ring with a diameter of 18 mm, about 15 to 16 runes fit comfortably. For more characters they must be represented slightly compressed.

Other customizations such as changing the ring width, a textured, frosted surface, decorated runes or similar. can be considered according to your request, if necessary for a surcharge!

We can translate the required inscriptions in runic characters or even freely according to your wishes. Additional inscriptions on the inside, for example when used as a wedding ring, are possible. If you have got more questions or if you want to send us an image (.jpg or .pdf) with your personal wishes and suggestions, please contact us at: mail(at)replik. de.The Rune Ring will be delivered in a gift box with certificate.

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