Minerva Pendant, Bronze

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Minerva Pendant

Minerva / Athena pendant in the shape of a miniaturized Phalera. Phalerae are round decorative discs with a profiled pattern or a depiction a god or a mythological creature. They were given to soldiers as military awards, known as Dona Militaria.
Our pendant with the goddess of wisdom, art, and science has a diameter of 25 mm and is made of solid bronze. This beautiful pendant will be delivered with a leather thong and a certificate. A good idea for an extraordinary gift !

Minerva and Athena

In Greek mythology, the goddess Athena is the daughter of Zeus, born out of his head.  So the armored Athena had a direct relation to the mind, the science and the art. She was the special protector of the city of Athens and the virgin Patron Saint of poets, artists, teachers, doctors and scholars. She is the goddess of war strategy, but also easy to anger and ready to protect her aims with the strength of weapons and magic.

From the 5th century BC, Rome became a Republic and soon developed to an expanding Empire that conquered the Greek colonies in Italy and also the Etruscan cities in Tuscany.
The foreign gods were equated with local deities in the context of the Interpretatio Romana. The Roman goddess Minerva corresponds to their Greek twin Athena.
Minerva was also the Patron Goddess of the craftsmen and worshipped along with Jupiter and Juno as one of the three important city deities of Rome.


Minerva Athene, Wiki Commons

Minerva / Athena Statue from the Louvre, Paris. (Wiki Commons)


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