Small Double Button Brooch, Bronze

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The provinces of Noricum and Pannonia (now mainly Austria, western Hungary, Slowenia and Croatia) with their celtic roots were very important for the Roman Empire because of the mineral resources. Especially the famous iron (ferrum noricum) was from highest interest for military purposes. The celtic origins influenced the traditional women´s dress, depicted on various gravestones (pic. 2). Also the archeological finds help to reconstruct the ancient costumes. The noric-pannonian women´s dress consists of special belts and brooches, descending from late celtic types. Often the deceased are depicted with small boxes, a mirror and a certain kind of head-dress. Some of the typical noric-pannonian belts and brooches were found far away from the home provinces, maybe a sign of ancient mobility of humans or simply of trade.
Our copy bases on an original of type Almgren 236, part of a private collection in southern Germany. Some fragments of a chain were still attached to the pin, probably part of a set of two brooches former connected by a decorative chain. Our Brooch was reconstructed and handcrafted from real bronze with an authentic and operative spiral pin construction. Length 50mm.

J. Garbsch, Die norisch-pannonische Frauentracht im 1. und 2. Jahrhundert, Münchner Beiträge z. Vor- und Frühgeschichte, Bd. 11, 1965

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