Pendant Hiddensee, Silver

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Among the finest jewellery of the viking age are pendants, amulets and brooches made in filigree and granulation techniques. At the viking settlement of Hedeby, some tools of an goldsmith were found in the ancient harbour of the city (pic. 2). His tools were used to produce backplates of amulet pendants that were decorated with granulated ornaments. High quality masterpieces of this ancient craftmanship are the thor´s hammer of Schonen and the amulets of the island Hiddensee. In 1872, the first parts of an large gold treasure of the 10th century AD were discovered at the beach of Neuendorf at Hiddensee. It is the largest gold treasure of the viking age in Germany (pic. 3).

Our handcrafted pendant was made from massive 925 sterling silver and is delivered with leather thong. Size 36 x 34 mm.

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