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Rings with the depiction of clasped hands are known since the antiquity. In ancient Rome the united right hands ("dextrarum iunctio") were a symbol for the marriage ceremony. At some antique late roman sarcophagi this formal act is displayed. Hence, it is to be supposed that Roman rings with the representation of the clasped hands were worn in the same way like our modern wedding rings.

The term fede ring for this kind of rings refers to the italian„mani in fede“ what can be translated with „hands in faith". In the Middle Ages the "Handtruwe" appears, an object that symbolises the love and unity of two people e. g. a ring or a brooch.
The Handtruwe can stand for a relation between fiancées, for married couples, but also for the respect between parents and children. In the Middle Ages and particularly since the Renaissance these Fede rings were used as an engagement ring, their popularity ends in the late 19th century. The  so-called Claddagh ring is the traditional Irish version of the ‘fede ring’, which was created probably in the 16th century.

Our interpretation of the Fede ring has the motifs of two clasped hands, flanked by two animal heads. The beasts are inspired by an original find of the viking age from Iceland.  The ring itself has got a round cross-section, which prevents a larger inscription, but the backsides of the animal heads provide enough space for some small initials.

Hand made from solid 750 / 18 carat gold. Will be delivered in a gift box.

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