Genuine Animal Skin Parchment, 20x15 cm

Genuine parchment made from natural animal skin. Authentic writing material for writing with ink or for handicrafts.

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Genuine Animal Skin Parchment

While papyrus as a writing material was expensive to produce and had to be imported from distant countries, the raw material for parchment, namely the skin of sheep or goats, was readily available almost everywhere.
To make such fine parchment, the animal skin is treated in a special lime solution, freed by hand from layers of fat and hair and then stretched out in the air to dry. 

This piece of parchment is produced using the same manufacturing techniques as in antiquity and yields an almost white sheet. On the front side, the former flesh side, the fine structure of the skin can only be seen on close inspection. The reverse side is the former hair side and is not intended for writing on.

It is best to use an authentic pen and ink for writing, which can also be carefully scraped off with a knife after drying for corrections.

This makes the parchment ideal for fine writing, but it can also be used for handicrafts such as book covers or as a transparent material, for example as a covering for antique windows or lanterns.

Size approx. 20x15 cm


Bild: AnonymousUnknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
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Delivery time 1-2 weeks
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size 20 x 15 cm (ca. A5)
Era Romans
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