Late Crossbow Fibula, Bronze

Reconstruction of a stunning, large Crossbow Brooch with onion shaped knobs of the 4th century AD.

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Late Crossbow Fibula, Bronze

The well-preserved original of this stunning and massive crossbow fibula type Keller 3/4 is part of a private collection in western Germany. The brooch with large onion-shaped knobs at the end of the arms and on the top of the bow ist probably the most important type of fibula in the late roman empire. It developed from simple crossbow brooches like our No. 187001 and 156001 of the 3rd century.

The late crossbow brooches of the 4th and 5th century were only worn by soldiers and civil servants in the emperor´s service. Maybe the size and the material was a sign of the ranks of it´s possesor, sometimes given as a kind of medal for special services. The crossbow brooches were popular for a long period of time, a late specimen was found in the burial of the frankish king Childerich, dating in the late 5th century. The brooches were made to close the military cape (sagum), as it can be seen on several ancient images. One of them is the dyptich of Monza, probably depicting the roman general Stilicho in the late 4th century (picture). He was the son of a germanic Vandal and a roman mother, joining the service of the roman emperors, like many other germans did in this time. He became magister militum and received highest honors.

Our massive reproduction was handcrafted from solid bronze with functional iron pin and is delivered with certificate. It is also possible to do engravings or an authenitc bronze pin as custom work. Length 90 mm. The last picture shows the original find.

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Delivery time 2-3 weeks
weight 0.085000
size 90 mm
Era Late Antiquity
Material Bronze
Kind of replica Fibulae and Brooches
scope of delivery With jewellery case
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