Celtic Knotted Armring, Bronze

Knotted bracelet after a find from the Schnippenburg, a rampart of the pre-Roman Iron Age near Osnabrück.

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Knotted Bracelet of the Iron Age

The knotted armring was elaborately reconstructed on the basis of the original find.

According to the original, it has an inner diameter of approx. 6 cm and is solidly made. Due to the small diameter, the closed bracelet is only suitable for small hands. If desired, the bangle can also be extended by one or two knot elements. It is delivered in a gift box.


The Finding Spot

The rampart complex known as "Schnippenburg" near Ostercappeln has been the target of an excavation project by the Osnabrück Municipal and District Archaeology Department since 2000.

The numerous finds prove that the Schnippenburg was located on a trade route that connected the Celtic cultural area in the south with the Germanic northwest. Not only imported Celtic goods, but also local "interpretations" of Celtic products came to light. In addition to the numerous settlement finds, which point to a trading centre and administrative seat, sacrificial pits are particularly striking, which in turn also speak for a central cult area. The dating is based on scientific investigations of charcoal remains from the rampart complex, which thus dates to around 278/258 BC.

The abundance and composition of the finds is unique for the region. The finds indicate close contact with Celtic settlement areas.

Some of the finds were scanned using modern laser technology and thus formed the basis for elaborate synthetic resin models. These were completed and functionally reconstructed by us - as usual by hand.

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Era Celts
Material Bronze
Kind of replica Bracelets and Neckrings
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