Late Roman Buckle Guttmann

Late Roman military buckle with animal heads and circle dot decoration, 4-5th century.

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Late Roman Belt Buckle, Bronze

Late Roman animal head buckle, inspired by a find from the Axel Guttmann collection. The original from the late 4th to 5th centuries was sold at the Hermann Historica auction house in 2008 after the Guttmann collection was dissolved. The origin of the piece is unknown. The animal-head buckle, elaborately decorated with circular eyes, was found together with six propeller fittings and strap end. Since separate fastening rivets were used for the original piece, uglifying the decorative motifs, I added rivet pins on the backside. So the buckle can be mounted without visible attachment. Should it be necessary to reassemble the late roman animal-head buckle later, you can of course also use separate rivets. Size 65 x 78mm.

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Delivery time 2-3 weeks
weight 0.100000
size 65 x 78 mm
Era Late Antiquity
Material Bronze
Kind of replica Belt Buckles and Fittings
scope of delivery With rivets and instructions, ready to assemble.
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