Viking Lamellar Belt Buckle, Silver

Buckle of a Viking Age lamellar belt based on an original find from the Lilla Ire burial ground near Hellvi on Gotland. The find belongs to a typical lamellar belt of the period VIII:3-4, late 10th to 11th century AD. Handmade from solid 925 silver!

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Belt buckle from the Viking Age - our replica

Buckle of a Viking Age lamellar belt based on an original find from the Lilla Ire burial ground near Hellvi on Gotland.  Period VIII:3-4, late 10th to 11th century AD. Length approx 10.6 cm, width approx 3.5 cm. suitable for a belt width of about 2 cm. The piece is made of solid 925 silver!
The assembly is done with small bronze pins that are riveted through the buckle plate and the belt leather. The necessary assembly material is included.

You can find the right bronze sheet for the production of the lamellas here


Belt of the Viking Age - The Original

With an area of ​​almost 3,000 square kilometers, Gotland is the second largest island in the Baltic Sea. Their favorable location on the trade routes between Scandinavia and the vastness of Russia to Byzantium were decisive for the wealth of large parts of the population in the Viking Age. With around 700 treasures from the Viking Age, Gotland has a density that is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

The burial ground of Lilla Ire is one of the largest on Gotland and was documented between AD 400 and 1050. This is where the closed find of a lamellar belt comes from, which inspired our replica. The structure can be reconstructed very well using leather scraps on the metal parts. The basis was a leather strip made of thin material, which was turned over and provided with a textile strip on the inside for stabilization. Small metal plates, the so-called lamellae, additionally stiffened the belt and of course also served decorative purposes. An ornate belt distributor was often incorporated into the belt, to which a knife, a bag or other equipment could be attached. A reconstruction proposal is also shown.

The buckle with the inventory number SHM 20826: 280A belongs to type 2a according to Thunmark-Nylén and dates to levels VIII: 3-4 (around the late 10th to 11th centuries).

Additional Information:

Lena Thunmark - Nylen. The Viking Age of Gotland, 7 volumes. Kungl. Vitterhet's history. och Antikvkvitets Akademiens Handlingar 02

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Delivery time 4-5 weeks
weight 0.065000
size 10,6 x 3,5 cm
Era Vikings
Material Silver 925
Kind of replica Belt Buckles and Fittings
scope of delivery With rivets and instructions, ready to assemble.
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