Cicada Brooch, Silver

Fibula in shape of a cicada. This insects were very popular as jewellery from the late roman period until the early middle ages. This one dates to the germanic migration period of the 5th century.

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Cicada Brooch

Reconstruction of a massive original of the 5th century, now part of a private collection in Germany. Handcrafted from solid 925 silver, fully operatice with authentic pin from alpaca silver. Length 60mm.


Cicada Fibula, Silver

Cicadas were spreading during the Roman Empire from the Black Sea to Pannonia and Britain. Especially the Germanic tribes of the Goths and Alans seem to have made a special contribution to the spread of the cicadas, during Late Roman times and the Migration Period. There are cicada brooches found in both Germanic and Roman places. They remained a very popular kind of fibula brooches until the 6th century, single pieces date back even to the 7th century. After the discovery of the Childerich grave dating to the late 5th century with numerous cicada applications, the Childerich "bees" became even a symbol of Napoleon Bonaparte's coat of arms.
Because of their singing, the cicadas were associated with the god of music, Apollo. The subterranean transformation (metamorphosis) into a flying insect also made the cicada a symbol of youth and rebirth. So it is not surprising that the fibulae in the form of cicadas were particularly used in the clothing of children and young women. They were either worn in pairs for the closing of a tunic or as single brooches  on the neckline or on a cloak.



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Delivery time 3-4 weeks
weight 0.023000
size 60 mm
Era Late Antiquity
Material Silver 925
Kind of replica Fibulae and Brooches
scope of delivery Delivery in a jewellery case with certificate
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