Viking Ship Gokstad 1/72

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Viking Ship Gokstad 1/72, Emhar EM 9001

This scale model kit in 1/72 scale is based at the original Gokstad ship from the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. The ship from Gokstad is the best preserved find of a viking ship worldwide. It is basically a boat grave of a rich and very important person. The kit is based on scale drawings from the museum in collaboration with Professor Emil Christensen and especially with the archaeologist Knut Paasche.
The Gokstad ship, built in the 9th century, was an ocean going warship the might be used for raids to Britain and elsewhere. The Gokstad ship was primarily a sailing boat, but could be controlled with oars when there was little wind or when navigating in coastal areas.
The find of Gokstad comprised 64 shields, which could indicate the size of the crew. So every oar could be manned by two vikings.
Often Viking ships were decorated with a beast´s head, as shown on the Bayeux Tapestry dating to the 11th century. Although this dragon´s head was not found during the excavation of the Gokstad ship, heads based on the Oseberg find are included for optional use. Also included are oars, the sail and a stand.

The model has a length of about 23.3 cm. Plastic model kit, recommended for 14 years and above. Glue and paint not included.

As an addition we recoomend the 1/72 Figure Set EM7218 with oarsmen, ropes, helmsman, etc.

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This is a very nice kit, it will need some TLC, but goes together very well. The addition of the available crew to man the oars makes this kit come alive. If you like Vikings, have some time on your hands and want to liven things up with a crew in action, there is nothing to beat this one. Have fun!

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