Roman Principia 1:87

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Roman Principia 1:87

Model kit of a roman principia made from cardboard. Scale 1:87, Size 30 x 21 x 7 cm. Difficulty 1 of 4 (easy), consisting of 4 cardboard sheets. The parts have to be cut out with a scissor, folded and glued. Highly detailed paper modeling for the hobby enthusiast, suitable for individual diorama construction and educational purposes for schools and museums. The roof of the sacellum, where the stadrads of the unit were stored, can be removed.


Roman Principia, card model 1:87

The Principia was the central building in every Roman military camp and some kind of a headquarter. They were built according to standardized building plans and had a courtyard, which was mostly lined with arcades. In some cases (as in the Saalburgkastell or in the roman cavalry fort of Aalen) the Principia was supplemented by a large vestibule. The actual center of the representative Principia, however, was a rear row of buildings with several rooms, in which the regimental shrine with the standarts of the units (sacellum) and the regimental pay chest were housed. The central courtyard was probably used as parade ground.

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