Roman Triskel Pendant, Silver

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Roman Triskel Pendant in Trumpet Ornament, Silver

Roman Triskel pendant, based on a roman fibula in trumpet ornament of the middle roman empire, about 150 to 210 AD. The roman pendant in shape of a Celtic Triskel or Triskelion is beautifully crafted and made from high quality 925 silver. A stunning gift for every roman enthusiast and collector, or for yourself!

Size 32x32 mm. Delivered with certificate in a jewelry box.


Roman Triskel Pendant, Silver

The origin of the so-called Roman trumpet ornament is Britain likely. The name is modern and an allusion to the ending of the ornament in thickenings, which reminds of a trumpet.
The 3-dimensional, floral appearance of these pieces of jewelry is due to Celtic influences, which were particularly lively in Britain and which had a strong influence on provincial Roman art. Not only in the style, but also in the selection of the motifs, for example with the well-known Celtic Triskele, ment a return to the Celtic roots. This period of roman art is called the "Celtic renaissance".
With the roman legionaries from Britain, the trumpet ornamentation spread throughout the Roman Empire, where the new style quickly became very popular.

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