Asclepius Statuette, Bronze

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Small statuette of Asclepius (Greek Asclepios)

Small statuette of Asclepius, the ancient god of medicine,and surgery, made of solid bronze. The statue is suitable as a small figure for a Roman house altar, but it also decorates modern showcases and desks. Especially physicians will appreciate the god of medicine and his divine assistance. The figure is available with either a flat or profiled pedestal. The height of the small Aeskulap statue is 9,5 cm with the simple stand or 11,5 cm with the profiled pedestal. The Stauette is cast and post-processed by hand as a high-quality art object, made from genuine Bronze. The Asclepius statuette will be delivered with a certificate in a gift box.

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Small statuette of the Asclepius (Greek Asclepios)

The wonderful statues of classical Greece inspired the Romans to produce numerous copies of Hellenistic statues. Likewise, when visiting the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, I came across the fragmented statue of an Asclepius.
The depictions of the Asclepius are all very similar and show only slight variations. The god of medicine is always scantily clad in a coat (Himation) and sandals, leaning on his staff, around which a snake winds as a symbol of its healing power. Depending on the posture, S-swing in the upper body and the drapery of the coat, the archeology distinguishes between different types of statues of Asclepius. The variant from Thessaloniki can probably be identified as the "Este" type. Characteristic is the bared upper body with moderate S-swing in the posture. In contrast, for example, the type "Epidauros" has an even clearer S-swing on, the figure is based more on the rod in the left arm bend and the coat has slipped freely from the left shoulder down.

Asclepius was worshiped in numerous sanctuaries of the ancient world, the most famous Asklepieia were in Epidaurus, Athens and Pergamon.

Last picture: original statues. The left motif shows the torso from Ano Apostoloi (Morrylos), which served as the basis for the reconstruction, and to the right a sculpture of the type Epidauros (Zde [CC BY-SA 4.0 ( sa / 4.0)])

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