Roman / Germanic Belt Buckle, Bronze

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In Greater Germania (Germania Magna) outside the roman empire, roman equipment was very popular, having a great influence on germanic artwork. It is still under investigation, how the objects came to the german tribes, espacially weapon exports were very restricted. Otherwise there are many roman sword finds on germanic ground, long before the first Tribes attacked the limes in the 3rd century.
Maybe the military objects were official gifts to the germanic upper class to ensure the support of the empire, but they could also be objects of legal or illegal trade. On the other hand there were many germanic warriors who went in roman service as auxilliary troops, probably returning with some roman equipment.
Under influence of these imports, german craftmen created copies and developed new objects in semi-roman style. There very many finds with uncertain origin in the sacrifical german bogs like Thorsberg, Nydam, Vimose or Illerup.
The belt buckele with it´s shape is an essential part of the roman military dress, but the metal sheet with the ornamentation has got many paralleles to germanic sword sheath decorations.

Handcrafted from genuine bronze, ready to be fitted with rivets and instructions. Without leather and strap end, these are sold separately.

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