Roman Razor, Bronze / Iron

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The thin iron blades of roman razor knifes only survive under special conditions, mostly only the handles from brass or bronze were excavated. Many examples are decorated with animal heads or mythical creatures.

Our reconstruction of the roman shaver handle depicts a griffin, a mythical beast combining alion and an eagle.The motif of thisanimalwas very popularthoughout theroman times, even the gladiatorial helmets of the thracians (thraex) bear decorations with this animal. Picture2 shows an original helmet from pompei.

An original find was placedat our disposal. We reconstructed the handle and the razor blade combining other finds. The handle is handcrafted from bronze, the blade is made from iron (no stainless steel). The blade is slightly sanded for display purposes, but it can be easy sharpened forreal use.Size ca. 90 x 60 mm.

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