Ring Of The Knights Templar, Bronze

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This awesome ring is a copy of an original piece placed to our disposal by a private collector. It is difficult to decide wether the piece is a fake or a real archaeological find, but another original with a similiar seal plate and inscription is on display at the Archives Nationales in Paris.

In any case the ring is is very extraordinary. The seal plate bears the inscription "Secretum Templi" (secret seal of the Knights Templar) in mirror writing, the sides are decorated with the words "Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici" (The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon). The centre of the plate depicts a mythological beast with the head of a rooster, armour, snake legs, shield and whip. This composite creature was very popular at gem rings in ancient times, often accompanied with it´s name "Abrasax" or "Abraxas".  At the teachings of the gnostik religious leader Basilides (ca. 130 AD), Abraxas is described as a devine creature. The One with the snake legs (earth) and with rooster head (sun) can be seen as a god of light and time, creator of the world and redeemer. 
Some roman gem rings with Abraxas depictions bear the letters IAW, a name that is familiar from egyptian papyrus documents and near to the hebrew word for god, "Jahwe".  Even more, IAW connects three of the seven greek vowels, standing for the seven planets (I= Saturn, A=Mercury, W=Jupiter), wich is the most used name of the sun god.
The cult of Abraxas as a depiction of god was created in ancient Egypt and popular until the Middle Ages. Some mystics call him the "god above god".

Anyhow a very interesting part of history with a lot of possible interpretations. Handcrafted from real bronze, will be delivered with gift box and certificate.

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It was a gift and the recipient is very pleased with the quality of this replica.

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