Glauberg-Brooch, Bronze

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Near the modern village of Glauberg / Germany, archaeologists discovered an early celtic settlement of the 5th century B.C., comprising a fortified settlement, religious an cultural facilities with huge ditches and ceremonial paths, astronomic installations and some very rich burials of celtic lords or chiftains, covered by a large tumulus.

In Burial No. 1 this brooch was found in the near of a neckring (torques) of gold. Our copy measures 73 mm lenght, 44 mm width and is 40 mm high. The axis of the pin spring is decorated with pearls of red coral.
Picture 2 displays the original find, picture 3 reconstructions of some glauberg-finds to compare the sizes.

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TEXT_OF_5_STARSAuthor: Charles am 24.05.2016


This is another excellent reproduction! The attention to detail is exquisite; the work involved in carving the master wax must have been exhausting, judging from my own work that I have done over the years on much simpler designs. This piece is simply quite beautiful, and worth every penny/euro/pfennig whatever that you spend on it.

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