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Augusta Raurica (or Colonia Augusta Rauricorum) was a roman foundation in the area of the celtic tribe of the Rauraci. The oldest archaeological evidence dates to 6 BC, verifying the foundation to the time of emperor Augustus after the conquest of the alps. Its heydays were between the first and third century AD with a number of 10.000 to 15.000 inhabitants. After an earthquake in 250 AD and germanic lootings, the city never gained its former size and importance, two new settlements were the core of the modern cities of Augst and Kaiseraugst. For more infos, visit:

Among the finest archaeological finds is a large silver omega-shaped brooch. It was discovered in 1983 at insula 35/36 an accompanied with cermics of 25-50 AD and 130-170 AD, making the true dating very difficult. Generally, the ringbrooches (or omega-brooches) were popular during the entire roman empire, particularly in the second half of the first century AD. A similiar brooch was discovered at a treasure hoard near Rembrecht, Germany, which was burried at about 230 AD, but there is no chance to proof the age of the brooch at this time.

Amazing Omega brooch with decorative knobs and forged functional pin, made from pure bronze, diameter 70mm (2,76 inches), weight ca. 60 gramms (Gift box included!

Emilie Riha, Die römischen Fibeln aus Augst und Kaiseraugst - Die Neufunde seit 1975. Forschungen in Augst 18, Augst 1994

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